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Split harbour from water

Split | The Wanderer Returns

Getting Out Of Dubrovnik 

I hadn’t loved Dubrovnik as much as I thought I would, and moving on from there seemed pretty tricky unless I took a bus or was just plain expensive, neither option really appealing to me. After talking through my options with my parents I decided to head back to Split to chillout for a couple of days, top up my tan and then fly to Spain for a week before having to return to the UK again. 

As I prepared to leave, I felt the early start and heat of the previous day getting to me, and thought I might have to miss the ferry as I really didn’t feel well. Once I reminded myself of the hassle and cost involved with missing it, I pulled myself together and counted down the minutes until I could just sleep on the journey. After joining a huge queue and boarding, I did just that – sleep. The best thing about the early ferries is that generally they’re quite quiet as everyone is having a nap until you start reaching the islands and people get on/off. As would be my luck, this ferry journey was longer than the previous transfer, and as we arrived at what I thought was finally Split I realised I didn’t recognise any of the port. Ah, not Split. 6 hours after leaving Dubrovnik we arrived in Split and I made my way straight for a cup of coffee before checking in to the place I was staying. 

As I’d been in Split just a few days before, I felt no need to drop my stuff and get straight out exploring. Instead, I relaxed and after nipping out to get some food and drinks from the supermarket, just chilled in my room attempting to watch Netflix on the worst Wi-Fi ever. Come evening, I felt better and made my way out to have a wander around the city, enjoy couple of drinks and check out some panoramic views of the city. 

Life’s A Beach…Or At Least Today…

The next day was supposed to be full of chilled vibes and relaxation. So being woken up by the people staying in the room opposite screaming about some somewhat inappropriate behaviour the previous night, I wasn’t feeling relaxed. After updating friends on the drama that had happened – it was great, real Home and Away type stuff – I doused myself in suncream and made my way to the beach, grabbing a cuppa on the way. As I neared the beach, I realised I’d left my towel in my room and had to nip back to collect it. Thankfully it’s not far, and before long I was arriving at the beach. 

On my previous visit to Split, I’d visited Bacvice Beach which I’d seen recommended online. Although the sunbathing was a bit cramped there, the bathing area was huge and shallow for a good distance, making it attractive to many. However a local had recommended that I keep walking for a few minutes to the next beach. Sure, it wasn’t a sandy beach, but I’d been sunbathing on the concrete at Bacvice anyway so that wasn’t a problem. Turning the corner to find Ovcice beach, I was pleasantly surprised. Compared to the hustle and bustle of Bacvice, Ovcice was quiet, less cramped and cheaper to hire sunbeds and parasols. I was still in budget mode so saved myself the 80HRK (about £9.50) for a sunbed, and soaked up the sun from the pebbly beach, taking a time out to refresh with a few drinks at the beach bar before returning to continue reading in the sun.

After a few hours I felt so relaxed and in need of a shower, so made my way back, grabbing a bite for dinner on the way. Come evening, I packed up a few of my bits in anticipation of leaving tomorrow, before taking one last chance to wander the city of Split. I attempted to find the bar I’d been in the previous night, as I’d had a delicious local cherry spirit there that had cost about £1, but by the time I finally navigated the narrow maze like streets and found it, there were no seats available. Instead, I settled for a stroll along the harbour, stopping to listen to some live music before turning in for the night. 

Madrid Bound…Hopefully!

Although my flight to Madrid was at 12.20, I had to set an early alarm as I hadn’t yet figured out how to get to the airport. Yes, there’s a boat and a bus, but I couldn’t find out where to get them or where I could get tickets. I was up early and made my way to the travel agents in the hope of buying a ticket for the boat that had been sold out online. 

Split city sign

After waiting in the queue, getting anxious at the minutes ticking by, I finally managed to buy a ticket and hurried back to my room to pack the last of my things and leave. I’m not sure why there were no tickets available online, as there were only 5 people on the boat to the airport, a large boat that could sit maybe 150 people? Nothing like feeling like a VIP haha! In no time I had navigated the tiny airport that is Split airport, and was on my way to Spain again!

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  • Reply
    June 13, 2020 at 3:21 am

    I also went from Dubrovnik to Split when I was in Croatia two years ago. However, instead of the ferry, I took the bus; it was about four hours long, and we actually had to cross the Croatian-Bosnian border on the way. I enjoyed Split, although I think one full day was enough to see the main sights. To enjoy the beach, though, maybe add an extra day! Can’t wait to read about your time in Madrid next. 🙂

    • Reply
      June 13, 2020 at 10:48 pm

      I thought about taking the bus but I’d heard some horror stories and thought the ferry would be a better idea. It was nice, but the journey back to split was sooo long. I think the bus would have been cheaper too, oops!

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